Stéphane arrived at what he calls three “Grand Cru”, by selectively foraging only the best wild specimens from France’s magnificent mountain ranges. Each “Grand Cru” is derived from an assembly of select wild plants and exudes exceptional aroma and flavour. There is “one recipe per mountain” – Séquanes (Massif du Jura), Ucenni (Massif des Écrins), and Ceutrons (Massif de la Vanoise).


Notes of freshness and subtleties, feminine profile.

Smell: wild mint, eucalyptus, very garrigue (thyme, rosemary), spicy notes.

Taste: freshness, one finds the expressed flavors, length and power without disgust and saturation.



Net expression, manly, refined from the region of Jura, more warrior profile.

Smell: nice roundness, much attractive leather, flowered as a Stichelton or Roquefort, some notes of red fruits, iodine notes, smoky notes.

Taste: powerful spicy and peppery notes, length and power without disgust and saturation.



Beautiful nobility, “patriarchal” profile.

Smell: first glance of citrus, the root atmosphere is gradually settling through the aromas of angelica, celery. Astonishing aromatic complexity.

Taste: powerful, licorice, camphor, root notes, hot celery and beautiful peaty flavors. Alcohol fully integrated, length and power without disgust and saturation.